How To Protect Your Skin From Harmful Sun Rays

How to protect your skin from harmful sun rays

Prevention from the sun is better than a cosmetic issue- protection could save your life. Million of cases get recorded under skin cancer every year. But these could have been avoided if taken preventive measures. Sunscreen is the most effective way to get rid of skin related issues. Follow these tips to save your skin from sunburn or any related issues.

  • Apply sunscreen even if you want to stay inside your home- Glasses can stop UVB rays but can’t stop IVA rays, which might suppress your immune system and results in brown spots and wrinkles. Be vigilant when you have to drive a lot, as UVA rays can be very harmful to your skin.
  • Where to apply sunscreen? You must cover your hands, forearms, lips and ears. As these areas are vulnerable to the sun and show quick sign of aging. This area can easily develop a cancerous tumor.
  • Don’t buy waterproof sunscreen- This sunscreen would go off easily after excess sweating and with water after 30 minutes. And you’ll assume that you are protected from sun rays.
  • What to use when you get sunburned? Sunburn can be treated with cool baths, hydrocortisone creams, moisturizers and anti- inflammatory medicines. However, you might be suffering from a headache, fever or chills may seek medical help in this case.
  • Apply sunscreen of higher SPF every day- Dermatologist recommends applying SPF of 30 or greater because UV rays can pass through clouds easily.
  • Do apply or slather it on your skin before you go out- For better results, the sunscreen must be absorbed by your skin. Before heading, outdoor must apply it 30 mins before.
  • Do check out for the seal of approval- Check whether your sunscreen contains Mexoryl, zinc oxide, PABA derivatives, salicylates and benzophenone for Uva protection. Must check your sunscreen before buying.
  • Don’t stay out in middle of the day- Prefer to go out after 4 p.m. Between 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m, exposure of sun is maximum at this time.
  • Wear sun protection fabrics- Some of the brand’s provide with added sun protection. In addition to this try to wear lightweight, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and light colored clothes. However, they are the best defense against UV rays, blocking radiations.
  • Getting under shade isn’t enough- Sun’s UV rays can damage your skin as indirectly sun rays can reach by reflection from glasses as well as from stones.
  • Save your eyes- Exposure of sun with our eyes can damage it and skin around it. Effecting vision loss, cataract and eyelid cancer. Whenever you are out in the sun, wear sunglasses to block UVA and UVB rays. And you can wear a hat, which can save your eyelids and eyes.

Best Brands For Jeans

Hello everyone ! welcome to out website. I am really happy that all of you like my blogs so much. So this is a special article for all of you. Every boy and girl or Man and women will appreciate it because of its universal nature. So, today I will be talking to you guys about jeans.Jeans has practically become the most commonly worn clothing item throughout the world. There is no country where people don’t wear jeans. According to a research, at least 90% of the world’s adult have worn jeans at least once in their lives. I know, it’s really amazing. So to help all you jeans lovers, I will tell you which is the best brand in the world to buy the jeans from. So here is a list to help you out.

Without a doubt, Levis can be claimed as the no.1 brand of clothing when it comes to buying jeans. This an American origin company which is known worldwide for its amazing denim jeans. The company was found in 1853 and its 150 years of the journey has been really amazing. Right now Levis produces clothes for kids, toddlers, teenager, and adults. Also, the variety and design provided by Levis are astonishing. Levis has successfully maintained its position in the top 10 for several years now.

Wrangler is my favorite jeans brands, and I have been wearing its jeans for over and decade now. And I am proud to say that I have absolutely no complain about it. Just like Levis, Wrangler is also an American based company and produces jeans of all shaped and sizes for kids, teenager and adult men, and women. Over the years Wrangler has managed to open thousand of shops worldwide.

This company has really won over every field of fashion and dressing. Calving and Klein is an American company which was found in the 70’s in the city of new york. As a startup, they used to sell only coats for men and women, but right now, they practically sell each and every clothing item. Over the years Ck has also gained its popularity in jeans department. They sell designer jeans at very affordable prices which make it ever more desirable.


Among so many US companies stands a British warrior who has conquered the field of jeans with its amazing the product. The company was found in London in the year 1973. In the past 40 years, Pepe jeans have managed to achieve success which no other brand ever has. Pepe jeans practically produce the best jeans in the world, but the high product cost is the only reason to place it fourth on the list.

This is one of the newest companies in the field of and manufacturing. The company came into play in the year 1989 as a small shop. But its amazing product has lifted the company in the list of top 10 jeans brands in the world. It’s really the most loved brands in the states due to its new and appealing designs. Though the company has a lot of competition, but I am sure it will be no.1 in the list in no time

Jwoww Before And After Plastic Surgery Details


Hey, guys ! how are you? First of all welcome to our website. So are you ready for some gossip? If Yes, then you have come to the perfect website. Here we talk and share our knowledge about various famous celebrities. And by the knowledge, I mean deep dark secrets. Yes, guys, I am the person who will keep you updated with every movement in the celebrity world and make sure you don’t miss on any entertaining or fishy gossip. So, to just stay updated and keep on reading.
So, the last few article have been pretty hard. I mean in the recent article I have been discussing a lot about the big names and I guess that partial. It’s my job to see each and every person with the same eyes. So it’s time to bring to limelight some of the not so famous celebs. Today I will be talking about Jwoww. Crazy name right? Well, it’s going to be fun because this crazy name has some crazy gossips hiding inside her closet. So let’s open the gates to the house of gossip. But before that, let me at least introduce you to the Jwoww.

Jwoww Before And After Plastic

Jennifer Lynn “Jenni” Farley or as everyone calls her Jwoww. She is a well known and highly popular American television star. Jennifer was born in New York, USA in the year 1986. She has not always been about film or entertainment, but over the period of time, she turned to become an important part of this world. Jennifer made her first appearance in the TV show in the year 2009. She was a part of an MTV show called jersey shore. The show actually helped her grow a lot. Since then she has got various job offers and has managed to be a part of many tv shows, even some movies. It’s really good to see people gain fame and reputation with hard work. Here is a look at Jwoww Before and After Pictures

Things are not easy as they seem. Jennifer’s life is not as happening as it sounds. She has faced a real struggle in her life. She has worked really hard to reach this position, this is why she never wants to loose it. This insecurity of loosing it all has made her take some bad decisions. Although for now we will be talking about just one of them, and that is cosmetic/ plastic surgery. So just sit and back and continue to read what Jwoww has done with her body.


This is just a fancy word for a boob job or breast implant. It’s a very common practice and a lot of women undergo this cosmetic surgery. Thousands of women every year have breast implants. It’s not the no. that is shocking. It is the reason shocks me. It’s very sad that thousand of women are not satisfied with their natural boobs. I am sure they must not be having the perfect shape or size, but according to me “beauty lies in originality”.
So coming back to Jwoww. Her breast implants are very much visible and noticeable. All you need to do is compare her before and after picture and you will notice the change. Her new boobs are huge. It’s 36 D which simply seems to be burdening and falling out of her body ( and blouse).


There have been rumors about her Lip Filler operation. Though I am not very sure, but experts suggest that she has surely gone under a lip filler treatment. Earlier her lips were thinner, not so wide spread along her face. Although right now, her big and plump lips make her look better. These new lips are really sexy and somehow compliment her face. Another example of lip filler sucess is Lauren Graham After Plastic Surgery Images

Dedication To Fitness: Lady Gaga Routine

Lady Gaga is a well-known singer, songwriter, actress and record-producer. She began playing piano at the age of four and by the age of 14, she started performing at open mic nights. She introduced her debut album The Fame in 2008 which was a great hit. Her second album was Born This Way topping the charts in more than 20 countries. Her other albums include Artpop, Cheek to Cheek, The Fame Monster and much more. She has achieved many awards for her amazing performances which include Guinness World Records, Brit Awards, and Grammy Awards. She is famous for her electropop music style. Her television series American Horror Story: Hotel received Golden Globe Award. Her vocal abilities have made her one of the best-selling musicians.A stupendous musician and singer, she leaves no stone unturned in maintaining her body in shape. Lady Gaga likes to bring in new and innovative styles at music concerts and on red carpets for which she uses a strict diet and workout routine to keep her figure.Here is a sneak peek at Lady Gaga’s Diet Plan and Exercises

Lady Gaga's Diet Plan and Exercises

Diet is an essential part of her weight loss routine. She follows the 5-factor diet in which she is recommended to eat 5 times a day. It helps to limit the amount she eats at a time. In this type of diet, she has to eat food from five categories namely healthy fates, fibers, low carbohydrates, protein and sugarless drinks. This diet does not include any kind of unhealthy food, processed meals, fried foods, foods rich in saturated fats and sugary items. Gaga does not eat baked foods or bread. Instead of it, she prefers some wheat products like pancakes. She mainly eats vegetables and fish. Her favorite foods are salsa with grain chips, tofu, turkey slices and coconut water. She loves to eat fruits for breakfast. Her diet plan allows for a cheat day in a week when she often eats pasta. Cheat day helps to follow the diet properly on the other six days of the week.

Lady Gaga's Diet Plan

Gaga also has a proper workout plan. Her workout schedule is created by her trainer Harley Pasternak. She works out five times per week, doing at least 25-minute session a day. Her target while working out is her abs and butt. Her trainer starts her on a basic crunch, modifies into reverse crunches and ends with a double crunch. It also helps her to keep her stomach flat. She also practices yoga for her physical and mental wellness. She even makes a habit to practice at local studios wherever her travels take her. She believes in the healing power of yoga.Thus, the fitness tricks used by Gaga helps her to keep her body fit and strong. She works out daily and eats a healthy diet to maintain a perfect body and style. She is famous for her breath-taking music as well as her fitness regimen. Another celeb Who is very strict with her diet is none other than Kate Middleton Diet And Fitness Tips

Top Fashion Designers Of The World

Hey, guys ! welcome to our website. So, I have already told you about my world travel and my growing obsession with the world of fashion. Hence to prove it right again, I will be talking about the top fashion designers of the world. We all know that the world of fashion is growing at a very high place. These days we have so many different types of clothes, with so many different types of designs that no one can tell you all about it. But there are certain people in the world who know a lot about it and are working to coming up with several more new things. These people are the fashion designers. They work really hard to make the best outfits, just to make us look good. So after performing several surveys and lot of research I am finally going to tell you about the world’s most famous and applauded fashion designers. So here is the list of top fashion designers of the world


Ck or Calvin Klein is claimed to be the most popular fashion brand of all times. Almost everyone knows about it because of its simple yet amazing designer clothes. The company was originally found by Calvin Klein an American Fashion designer in the year 1968. In the early year, the company was just a small store in the city of New York. Over the past 50 years, Ck has spread its leg throughout the world. He has seen an incredible growth in his work and is right now at the peak of his career.


Frankly speaking, the names speaks everything for itself. Donatella is the chief fashion designer and the Vice president of the Multi-National Fashion Brand Versace. The clothes of his Versace are worn worldwide and the main reason behind it is its amazing promotion. What I mean is, while rest of the world uses regular models to display the fashion, Donatella decided to use world famous celebrity to promote his clothing. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore etc have worked as a fashion model for her.


He is actually a living legend in the fashion industry. The man is a trendsetter as he has done things which no one else dared to do. The company was found in the year 1975 by Giorgio. What’s interesting is that he banned any fashion model who had a body mass index bellow 18. The clothes of Armani are worn worldwide and I have never heard anyone complain about it. He has really started a brand which serves justice to people in the form of good clothes.


The first time I heard about him was in the famous American TV sitcom FRIENDS. That time I though it’s a fake brand, but recently I have come to realize that Ralph Lauren is actually one of the Big Shots int the fashion Industry. Ralph introduced his company as ” Polo Ralph Lauren” in the year 1972. Ralph is really an amazing designer and I personally love to wear Ralphs Lauren clothes. I have a Ralph wardrobe which helps me to look amazing in the day to day life.