Carrot Top Weird Nose Job

Carrot Top

Scott Thompson is famously known by his stage name Carrot Top due to his bright orange-red hair. He was born on 25 February 1965, in Rockledge Florida. He is an infamous American stand-up comedian, actor and director.

He is a well known comedian for his prop comedy, which includes him describing certain props with witty one-liners.He has appeared in a number of shows such as Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular and Last Comic Standing. He usually performs at Luxor Hotel of Las Vegas.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery


A famous name in the comedy industry, Carrot top is a classic example of the fact that plastic surgery is something followed by everyone and not only actors and actresses. However this comedian’s plastic endeavor did not turn out to be in his favour, as the result was extremely disturbing. Let us take a look at what all procedures he must have undertaken.

Lip Augmentation surgery

The comedian’s entire face changed over a matter of few years. The change can exclusively be seen on his lips. His lips after the surgery look more pronounced and fuller. They also look very much shaped into a pout.

Botox Treatment

Carrot Top’s skin looks extremely clear and smooth, considering that he is in his fifties. The funny man’s face earlier used to be riddled with freckles and spots. But now it looks very radiant. As many speculated this can be a result of a cosmetic procedure, Botox treatment only.

Brow lift and laser resurfacing surgery

Next thing in Carrot Top’s plastic surgery list must be what he did around his eyes. He seemed to have followed an eyebrow lift surgery which ended with him getting sharply raised and pointed eyebrow lines, which does not at all match with his other facial features. Also the area around his eyes looks free from any crinkles, which made many doctors believe that he underwent a laser treatment for the same.

Cheek implants surgery

His cheeks looked plumper than before, which started the rumors of implants in his cheeks. But given his past record of using steroids, the change in cheeks might be due to sudden weight gain.

Carrot Top should serve as an example of how plastic surgeries are a risky thing and do not always turn out as expected. His facial features were reconstructed for worse, and became the butt of many jokes around the industry.


It has become a trend among the entire world to perfect their looks with any way possible, and this leads people to completely change the looks they were naturally born with using cosmetic surgeries. It becomes a negative impact on their fans and other people across the globe.

The surgery although didn’t seem to hamper with the funny star’s talent and confidence as he continued to make funny jokes and this time also about his own looks. His fans still dig his humor at every major event and the 51 year old comedian continues to win many hearts with his witty jokes.

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