Deepika Padukone After Plastic Surgery

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone was born on 5 January 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark to parents Prakash Padukone, a former international badminton player and Ujjala, a travel agent.

Although initially training to be a badminton player like her father, Deepika soon took to modeling as a career. She modeled for a number of brands and advertisements, before landing her first role as a movie actress. It was director-producer Farah Khan who decided to give Padukone debut role in the movie ‘Happy New Year’. The movie was later postponed and instead Padukone ended up being cast in the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ opposite to Shah Rukh Khan.The actress is currently dating fellow actor Ranveer Singh.


Deepika Padukone Before and after Pictures

Plastic surgery is a trend now in both Hollywood and Bollywood. All actors and actresses across the globe are trying their hand at it in order to increase their popularity, enhance their looks and increase their chances of getting work. Deepika Padukone is one of the most successful actresses of the Indian cinemas known for her refreshing and beautiful looks. Although some suspect that these looks are a result of plastic surgery. Her photographs suggest that the tall and beautiful actress might have gone under the knife for following procedures.

Lip Augmentation surgery

Being a young actress, Padukone has never needed to have used a plastic surgery. But the change in the shape of her lips suggests that the actress might have actually undergone a surgery. Her lips seem more enhanced and bigger than during her first modeling days. Earlier her lips looked to be drawn into a thin line.

Rhinoplasty surgery


One of the most common surgeries in all of Hollywood and Bollywood, a Rhinoplasty is something this beautiful diva also seems to have used on her. The suspected nose job she got gave her a somewhat thinner and more aligned nose. Her nose bridge was thinner to begin with but now also her nostrils seem narrower and the tip enhanced.

Breast Augmentation surgery

One of the many features required for an actress to increase her sex appeal is her bust size. The actress’ in particular seems to have increased and enhanced over the course of her career. Whether a result of cosmetic procedure or not is something only Deepika herself can confirm.


On comparing her pictures over the decade, the actress’ looks have definitely enhanced and become prettier. Although she hasn’t confirmed having gone under the knife yet; she might in near future. Plastic surgery is something that is being followed blindly by everyone with no one coming out and speaking about it out in the public. It is a person’s choice if they decide to reconstruct the features they are born with and there shouldn’t be any shame in accepting the same. Actresses like Padukone serve as a positive influence for girls and women all over India and if they begin to accept such procedures more openly; they might actually break the stigma and fear of being tagged as fake mor quickly. Many people believe the beauty behind this actress is not surgery by deepika’s Secret diet.