Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sridevi Kapoor (birth name Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan) was born on 13 August 1963 in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. She is an infamous Indian movie actress. She has acted in a number of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films.

She made her Bollywood debut as a child actor in the film ‘Julie’. Later she went ahead to act in a number of films such as Himmatwala (1983), Chandni (1989) and Mr. India (1987).She is married to producer Boney Kapoor and has two daughters with him.She returned to acting after a gap of about 15 years with the super hit movie ‘English Vinglish’ which tagged her as the only Indian actress with such a huge comeback.


Sridevi Plastic Surgery

The legendary actress when returned to movies after a long time, she looked everything but old. She seemed to have a radiant skin and a perfectly toned body. This started the circulation of her having undergone a plastic surgery. The actress however has denied these rumors, often lashing out at the media for the same reason. Let us take a look at what all possible surgeries this actress underwent.

Rhinoplasty surgery

When the infamous Bollywood actress Sridevi’s photographs from her past show up, it becomes quite clear that she definitely underwent a nose job in recent years. Her nose when she started her career in acting was very big and bulbous. Now her nose looks totally pinched at the tip, giving it a slimmer but raised look. Many state that her older nose complimented her face way better than now. Her nose bridge doesn’t seem to have been tampered with.

Botox Treatment


The Bollywood diva seems to have a way too clear and radiant skin for women of her age. In her fifties the actress flaunts skin without any signs of wrinkles and fine lines. This could only have been achieved due to a Botox treatment. It gave her a face showing no effect of ageing.

Breast Augmentation and liposuction surgery

Sridevi took the entire media into frenzy when she returned to the movie industry with a killer hot body. The actress flaunted her larger assets complimented with considerably smaller waist. At the age of 53 she shows no signs of sagging skin which is highly suspicious. Her breasts seem to have been lifted with a surgery and extra fat layer must have been deleted by means of liposuction from her waist, hips and thighs.


Sridevi’s plastic surgery has been spot on in covering up for her age and making her comparable with the younger actresses of the industry. She in no way looks like a mother of two and that too in her fifties. She is graceful as an actress and extremely talented. The surgery has increased her self confidence and made her more accepted in the industry which runs after beauty and looks rather than talents. It has been very difficult with legendary actresses to have returned to the cinemas due to the stigma attached with ageing and appearance.

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