Cher And Her Plastic Surgery Procedure Revelations


Born on May 20, 1946, in El Centro, California, Cher is a famous singer. Her first look at stardom was when she performed a singing act for the first time along with her husband which became the No. 1 single hit in those days.The couple then took to TV and started with The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour which actually came to an end once the couple got divorced.Cher had started to establish herself as a solo artist during the 1960s. Early on she was known for songs that were provocative in their sensibilities and spoke to her perceived status as an outsider, a mode she would come to embrace over time.

Immediately after her divorce from Sonny, Cher was unable to work as a performer due to contractual entanglements from their business relationships and took on gigs as a model. She later credited executive David Geffen for helping her navigate financial matters and take control of her career. Cher was again able to reach the pop top 10 by the end of the decade with the string-laden disco number “Take Me Home.”



Cher and her plastic surgery procedure revelations……


Plastic surgery has become a common word for hollywood celebs. There’s talking all around about the various procedures being done under which some fall good while some bad. Cher has had plastic procedures done several times and here’s a look to all her suspected plastic procedures.


  1. Blepharoasty: it is something unique and actually refers to the the surgery around the eye region in order to remove the eye bags and correct the wrinkles and lines around eyelids and eyes. Earlier she had wide and open eyes but after the surgery her eyes are giving a miniature look and that they seem to be small.
  2. Rhinoplasty: nose job os something common these days and on a comparison between her before and after pictures we get to know that Cher is having a pointed nose now rather than the bulbous sphere on the tip.
  3. Facelift: a facelift is the most prominent. Her face is free of any lines and wrinkles and that she has got a clear skin without any signs of ageing.
  4. Botox Injections: a facelift without botox fillers is nothing and that she has had the same to complete the underdone surgery. Her face is just perfect and her age which is lying in 60s truly is not revealed.
  5. Jaw line enhancement: earlier her jaw line was was very different and unusual but after the surgery it is just perfect and in shape which is revealed on comparison between her before and after pictures.


Whatever be the surgery procedures thy are just prominent and are well done. There is absolutely no flaw detected and that this surgery case is one held good and that Cher’s surgeon Selection thing was good. Her face truly complements her body and she remains to be hot, sizzling and sexy even at this age. Well done Cher!

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Axl Rose And The Much Talked About Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose

Axl Rose is an American song smith and is a musician and has been a prominent part of several rock bands with one of his own. Axl Rose was born on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana.Rose has been a consistent prisoner and has been a part of constant tiff with the police for public intoxication. His name was changed later when he joined in with the rock band Axl and got a sudden change of career. Rose carried himself along with certain odd jobs along with music performances but later in 1986 he formed his own band named Guns N’ Roses and release their first music album EP.


When the band released G N’ R Lies in 1988, he was accused of being racist and homophobic, based on lyrics in “One in a Million.” Also during one of his concerts with the band two people died because of dancing and that he was then asked to call off his further proceedings. At a concert in St. Louis he drove wildly into the crowd in order to retrieve a fan’s video camera. Such plush activities has been in his favour and that he has never ever bothered to quit such things and these wild acts certainly seems to be his pleasure seeking activities.



Axl Rose and the much talked about plastic surgery….


Being a celebrity is no less. It is probably the most difficult job in todays era. You need to sharp in every look of yours otherwise failure comes in no time. Going under the knife is common for hollywood celebs. There is absolutely no celeb left who have not had the procedure done and that it is like a trend being followed compulsorily by everyone and so is here Axl following the same like everyone does. He has had cheek implants and botox fillers which has been successful in completely transforming the star. Here’s a peek into the surgery revelations.


  1. Cheek implant: talking about his new versioned face structure you het to see a cheek lift which is very visible and that has just brought a considerable transformation to his looks. His cheeks seem to be more fuller and that his earlier narrow face suit is now plump like and round.
  2. Botox Injection: For celebs getting Botox Injections is like getting grocery for home. The same has been observed with Axl, he is currently in his 50s and has a perfect skin figure and clean wrinkle free face, which is actually due to a botox dose because at his age you get lines and wrinkles.


After his surgery procedures it can easily be said that it is a case of surgery gone wrong. The redness on his face due to cheek implants is prominent and that the change in his face structure has bought a very interesting change from oval to round. While the discussion is huge we are just happy by assuring the fact that Axl respects his beliefs and that he did what he felt like even it was following a social trend.