Juliana Margulies And Her Plastic Surgery Pictures


Many of you must be knowing the American sensation , Juliana Margulies. For those who don’t know her : She is a famous American producer and actress who has achieved quite a lot in her career. Juliana was born in the year 1966 and started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 25. She made her debut in the movie ‘Out for Justice ‘ which was released in 1991. Her appreciable performance in the movie simply opened the gates of success for her. Since then she has been a part of multiple Television serials , dramas, and movies. She is well known for her character Carol Hathway in the long-running medical drama ER.
Juliana is truly tremendous. She is a perfect package of talent and beauty. Her amazing acting skill has managed to impress the crowd and on the same time her beauty has lured the people to forget the mistakes she makes as an actress. Her acting skill is amazing , it is all real talent and skill; unfortunately, I can’t say the same about her looks. I am sure many of you must be shocked, but it is true. The secret behind the beautiful face of Margulies is plastic surgery. Just like several other celebrities, Juliana has also used the artificial chemical to look young and beautiful.

Juliana Margulies And Her Plastic Surgery Pictures
You would be amazed to know that this plastic surgery is a great milestone in her career. Juliana came into the radar of media only because of this plastic surgery. She really looks amazing after the surgery. People are still surprised to see her transformation and wonder what she has done. If you want the answer then just continue to read.The reason behind the enhanced beauty of Julian Margulies ( also known as Carol Hathway ) is Facelift and Button injection. For those who don’t know the meaning of these 2 terms, let me just explain you in brief.

A facelift is also known as a rhytidectomy. This method is used to eliminate the signs of aging are visible on the face, for example, wrinkle, aging of the skin, deep creases on the face etc. On the other hand, Buttox injection inserts chemical in your skin to change the size


Don’t you people think Juliana looks a bit too artificial these days? I mean that her skin seems very unnatural. It seems all tight, stretched and pale. I know it sounds like a description of ghost but she does look scary. The only reason behind this is her facelift therapy. The surgery has stretched her faces skin in unnatural ways. She has a flat face, sometimes she looks like an expressionless robot.



You can very easily notice the changes . All you need to do is check out the before and after photos of Juliana. The Injections has helped to remove all the signs of aging from her face. Julians face is simply flawless, it’s as smooth as butter. 50+ Julian looks to be in her 30’s these days.