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Hey, guys ! welcome to our website. So, I have already told you about my world travel and my growing obsession with the world of fashion. Hence to prove it right again, I will be talking about the top fashion designers of the world. We all know that the world of fashion is growing at a very high place. These days we have so many different types of clothes, with so many different types of designs that no one can tell you all about it. But there are certain people in the world who know a lot about it and are working to coming up with several more new things. These people are the fashion designers. They work really hard to make the best outfits, just to make us look good. So after performing several surveys and lot of research I am finally going to tell you about the world’s most famous and applauded fashion designers. So here is the list of top fashion designers of the world


Ck or Calvin Klein is claimed to be the most popular fashion brand of all times. Almost everyone knows about it because of its simple yet amazing designer clothes. The company was originally found by Calvin Klein an American Fashion designer in the year 1968. In the early year, the company was just a small store in the city of New York. Over the past 50 years, Ck has spread its leg throughout the world. He has seen an incredible growth in his work and is right now at the peak of his career.


Frankly speaking, the names speaks everything for itself. Donatella is the chief fashion designer and the Vice president of the Multi-National Fashion Brand Versace. The clothes of his Versace are worn worldwide and the main reason behind it is its amazing promotion. What I mean is, while rest of the world uses regular models to display the fashion, Donatella decided to use world famous celebrity to promote his clothing. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore etc have worked as a fashion model for her.


He is actually a living legend in the fashion industry. The man is a trendsetter as he has done things which no one else dared to do. The company was found in the year 1975 by Giorgio. What’s interesting is that he banned any fashion model who had a body mass index bellow 18. The clothes of Armani are worn worldwide and I have never heard anyone complain about it. He has really started a brand which serves justice to people in the form of good clothes.


The first time I heard about him was in the famous American TV sitcom FRIENDS. That time I though it’s a fake brand, but recently I have come to realize that Ralph Lauren is actually one of the Big Shots int the fashion Industry. Ralph introduced his company as ” Polo Ralph Lauren” in the year 1972. Ralph is really an amazing designer and I personally love to wear Ralphs Lauren clothes. I have a Ralph wardrobe which helps me to look amazing in the day to day life.

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