Best Brands For Jeans

Hello everyone ! welcome to out website. I am really happy that all of you like my blogs so much. So this is a special article for all of you. Every boy and girl or Man and women will appreciate it because of its universal nature. So, today I will be talking to you guys about jeans.Jeans has practically become the most commonly worn clothing item throughout the world. There is no country where people don’t wear jeans. According to a research, at least 90% of the world’s adult have worn jeans at least once in their lives. I know, it’s really amazing. So to help all you jeans lovers, I will tell you which is the best brand in the world to buy the jeans from. So here is a list to help you out.

Without a doubt, Levis can be claimed as the no.1 brand of clothing when it comes to buying jeans. This an American origin company which is known worldwide for its amazing denim jeans. The company was found in 1853 and its 150 years of the journey has been really amazing. Right now Levis produces clothes for kids, toddlers, teenager, and adults. Also, the variety and design provided by Levis are astonishing. Levis has successfully maintained its position in the top 10 for several years now.

Wrangler is my favorite jeans brands, and I have been wearing its jeans for over and decade now. And I am proud to say that I have absolutely no complain about it. Just like Levis, Wrangler is also an American based company and produces jeans of all shaped and sizes for kids, teenager and adult men, and women. Over the years Wrangler has managed to open thousand of shops worldwide.

This company has really won over every field of fashion and dressing. Calving and Klein is an American company which was found in the 70’s in the city of new york. As a startup, they used to sell only coats for men and women, but right now, they practically sell each and every clothing item. Over the years Ck has also gained its popularity in jeans department. They sell designer jeans at very affordable prices which make it ever more desirable.


Among so many US companies stands a British warrior who has conquered the field of jeans with its amazing the product. The company was found in London in the year 1973. In the past 40 years, Pepe jeans have managed to achieve success which no other brand ever has. Pepe jeans practically produce the best jeans in the world, but the high product cost is the only reason to place it fourth on the list.

This is one of the newest companies in the field of and manufacturing. The company came into play in the year 1989 as a small shop. But its amazing product has lifted the company in the list of top 10 jeans brands in the world. It’s really the most loved brands in the states due to its new and appealing designs. Though the company has a lot of competition, but I am sure it will be no.1 in the list in no time

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