How To Protect Your Skin From Harmful Sun Rays

How to protect your skin from harmful sun rays

Prevention from the sun is better than a cosmetic issue- protection could save your life. Million of cases get recorded under skin cancer every year. But these could have been avoided if taken preventive measures. Sunscreen is the most effective way to get rid of skin related issues. Follow these tips to save your skin from sunburn or any related issues.

  • Apply sunscreen even if you want to stay inside your home- Glasses can stop UVB rays but can’t stop IVA rays, which might suppress your immune system and results in brown spots and wrinkles. Be vigilant when you have to drive a lot, as UVA rays can be very harmful to your skin.
  • Where to apply sunscreen? You must cover your hands, forearms, lips and ears. As these areas are vulnerable to the sun and show quick sign of aging. This area can easily develop a cancerous tumor.
  • Don’t buy waterproof sunscreen- This sunscreen would go off easily after excess sweating and with water after 30 minutes. And you’ll assume that you are protected from sun rays.
  • What to use when you get sunburned? Sunburn can be treated with cool baths, hydrocortisone creams, moisturizers and anti- inflammatory medicines. However, you might be suffering from a headache, fever or chills may seek medical help in this case.
  • Apply sunscreen of higher SPF every day- Dermatologist recommends applying SPF of 30 or greater because UV rays can pass through clouds easily.
  • Do apply or slather it on your skin before you go out- For better results, the sunscreen must be absorbed by your skin. Before heading, outdoor must apply it 30 mins before.
  • Do check out for the seal of approval- Check whether your sunscreen contains Mexoryl, zinc oxide, PABA derivatives, salicylates and benzophenone for Uva protection. Must check your sunscreen before buying.
  • Don’t stay out in middle of the day- Prefer to go out after 4 p.m. Between 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m, exposure of sun is maximum at this time.
  • Wear sun protection fabrics- Some of the brand’s provide with added sun protection. In addition to this try to wear lightweight, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and light colored clothes. However, they are the best defense against UV rays, blocking radiations.
  • Getting under shade isn’t enough- Sun’s UV rays can damage your skin as indirectly sun rays can reach by reflection from glasses as well as from stones.
  • Save your eyes- Exposure of sun with our eyes can damage it and skin around it. Effecting vision loss, cataract and eyelid cancer. Whenever you are out in the sun, wear sunglasses to block UVA and UVB rays. And you can wear a hat, which can save your eyelids and eyes.

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